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New Improved Littergard

Littermaid Users are Familiar with the Problem Area Between the Littermaid Litter Pan and the Waste Receptacle and Costly Receptacle Replacements. Litter and Waste Accumulates on Top of the Junction and on The Floor Under the Littermaid. Result -- Messy Clean Up and Soiled Litter Under the Unit.

The Solution
The Patented Littergard Solution FIXES these Problem Areas. Use with Modified Receptacles to Eliminate Expensive Receptacle Replacements. Stop Litter and Waste Under the Unit. Improve Daily Litter Management - NOW and SAVE $$$

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​​Looking for a Complete System
The Littergard KIT Includes Trimmed Receptacles. Everything You Need to Eliminate Receptacle Replacements and Improve Feline Housekeeping.

What You Get

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Littergard Solution for Littermaid Receptacles

 Receptacles Shown Not Included

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Try the Littergard System Risk Free for 30 Days
If you are not 100% Satisfied Simply Request a Refund Within the Trial Period. The Full Purchase Price and Shipping will be Refunded. Refund Limited to One Littergard.

What is Littergard ?

  • Patented Flexible Hinging Device

  • For Littermaid and Nature’s Miracle Automatic Litter Boxes that use Plastic Waste Receptacles

  • 2 Precisely Trimmed Styrene Plastic Strips Attached to Long Lasting Moisture Resistant Acrylic Backing

  • Attaches to the Front Edge of the Littermaid Litter Pan

  • Covers the Junction of the Litter Pan and Waste Receptacle

  • Eliminates Litter and Waste Under the Unit

  • Use with Modified Receptacles to Eliminate Costly Receptacle Replacements

  • Improve Daily Maintenance

  • Cleaner More Sanitary Litter Box Area

  • Save Time and Money $$$$

  • It's Green! Eliminate Landfill Waste

  • Quality Tested for Long Service Life

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